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samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint Class Reference

A geometry coordinates (point) More...

#include <GeometryPoint.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 GeometryPoint ()
 Default Constructor. More...
 GeometryPoint (int uid)
 Construct from uid. More...
 GeometryPoint (int uid, double longitude, double latitude)
 Construct from uid and geometry coordinates. More...
virtual auto key () const -> int override
 Get a key that can identify the Entity uniquely. More...
auto calcDistance (const GeometryPoint &point) const -> double
 Calculate distance between target Branch. More...
auto toString () const -> string
 Convert the Branch to String. More...

Protected Attributes

int uid
 An unique id for uniqueness. More...
double longitude
 The longitude; coordinates X. More...
double latitude
 The latitude, coordinates Y. More...

Detailed Description

A geometry coordinates (point)

Jeongho Nam

Definition at line 30 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::GeometryPoint ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 59 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::GeometryPoint ( int  uid)

Construct from uid.

Geometry coordinates, longitude and latitude will have a random value between

  • Longitude between 0 and 180.
  • Latitude between -90 and 90.

Definition at line 71 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

References samchon::library::Math::random().

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samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::GeometryPoint ( int  uid,
double  longitude,
double  latitude 

Construct from uid and geometry coordinates.

longitudeLongitude, a coordinate of the geometry point
latitudeLatitude, a coordinate of the geometry point

Definition at line 86 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual auto samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::key ( ) const -> int

Get a key that can identify the Entity uniquely.

If identifier of the Entity is not atomic value, returns a string represents the composite identifier. If identifier of the Entity is not string, converts the identifier to string and returns the string.

An identifier

Reimplemented from samchon::protocol::Entity< int >.

Definition at line 106 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

auto samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::calcDistance ( const GeometryPoint point) const -> double

Calculate distance between target Branch.

Referenced from (Geometry points to killometers)

branchThe target Branch to calculate

Definition at line 117 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

References samchon::library::Math::degree_to_radian(), and samchon::library::Math::radian_to_degree().

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auto samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::toString ( ) const -> string

Convert the Branch to String.

Have of form of tab and enter delimeters for Excel.

  •  {$uid}   {$longitude}    {$latitude} 
A string represents the GeometryPoint

Definition at line 164 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

References samchon::library::StringUtil::substitute().

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Member Data Documentation

int samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::uid

An unique id for uniqueness.

Definition at line 40 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

double samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::longitude

The longitude; coordinates X.

Definition at line 45 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

double samchon::examples::tsp::GeometryPoint::latitude

The latitude, coordinates Y.

Definition at line 50 of file GeometryPoint.hpp.

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