Samchon Framework for CPP  1.0.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Nchat_serviceA chat service inherited from cloud service
 CBase64Utility class for base64 format's en-decoding
 CCaseGeneratorCase generator
 CCharsetA utility class supporting conversion between multiple character-sets
 CCombinedPermutationGeneratorA combined-permutation case generator
 CCriticalAllocatorAn allocator ensuring concurrency
 CDateDate (year, month, day in month)
 CErrorEventEvent representing an error
 CEventRepresent an event running on background
 CEventDispatcherAbstract class for dispatching Event
 CFactorialGeneratorFactorical case generator
 CGAParametersA structure containing parameters of genetic algorithm
 CGAPopulationA population in a generation in G.A
 CGeneticAlgorithmA genetic algorithm class
 CHTTPLoaderA http, web-page loader
 CIOperatorInterface for comparision operator
 CMathUtility of Math
 CPermutationGeneratorA permutation case generator
 CProgressEventEvent representing a progress
 CSemaphoreA semaphore
 CSharedAcquireShared acquire from a Semaphore
 CSharedReadLockShared lock from a RWMutex
 CSharedWriteLockShared lock from a RWMutex
 CSQLiA SQL interface; DBMS connector
 CSQLStatementA sql statement
 CStringUtilUtility class for string
 CTSQLiA SQL interface for T-SQL
 CUniqueAcquireUnique acquire from a Semaphore
 CUniqueReadLockUnique lock for reading
 CUniqueWriteLockUnique lock for writing
 CURLVariablesURLVariables class is for representing variables of HTTP
 CEntityAn entity, a standard data class
 CEntityGroupAn Entity and a container of children Entity objects
 CEntityGroupBaseAn iternface for entity group
 CFlashPolicyServerA flash policy server
 CIEntityChainA chain of entity
 CIHTMLEntityAn interface supporting conversion to html
 CInvokeStandard message of network I/O
 CInvokeParameterA parameter of an Invoke
 CISQLEntityAn interface supporting DB-I/O
 CByteArrayBinary data class
 CHashMapCustomized std::unordered_map
 CIndexPairA pair of index and its value(T)
 CSmartPointerGlobal shared pointer
 CTreeMapCustomized std::map
 CWeakStringA string class only references characeters, reference only