Samchon Framework for CPP  1.0.0
samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory Class Reference

#include <InvokeHistory.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 InvokeHistory ()
 InvokeHistory (std::shared_ptr< protocol::Invoke > invoke)
virtual auto key () const -> size_t override
 Get a key that can identify the Entity uniquely. More...
auto getUID () const -> size_t
auto getListener () const -> std::string
auto computeElapsedTime () const -> long long
void complete ()

Detailed Description

History of an Invoke message.

The InvokeHistory is a class archiving history log of an Invoke message with elapsed time. This InvokeHistory class is used to report elapsed time of handling a requested process from slave to master system.

The master system utilizes derived InvokeHistory objects to compute performance indices.

Jeongho Nam

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory::InvokeHistory ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 48 of file InvokeHistory.hpp.

samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory::InvokeHistory ( std::shared_ptr< protocol::Invoke invoke)

Construct from an Invoke message.

invokeAn Invoke message requesting a parallel or distributed process.

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Member Function Documentation

virtual auto samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory::key ( ) const -> size_t

Get a key that can identify the Entity uniquely.

If identifier of the Entity is not atomic value, returns a string represents the composite identifier. If identifier of the Entity is not string, converts the identifier to string and returns the string.

An identifier

Reimplemented from samchon::protocol::Entity< size_t >.

Definition at line 89 of file InvokeHistory.hpp.

Referenced by samchon::templates::distributed::DSInvokeHistory::getWeight().

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auto samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory::getUID ( ) const -> size_t

Get end time.

Definition at line 97 of file InvokeHistory.hpp.

auto samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory::getListener ( ) const -> std::string

Get listener of the Invoke message.

Definition at line 105 of file InvokeHistory.hpp.

auto samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory::computeElapsedTime ( ) const -> long long

Compute elapsed time.


Definition at line 133 of file InvokeHistory.hpp.

Referenced by samchon::templates::distributed::DistributedSystem::createChild().

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void samchon::templates::slave::InvokeHistory::complete ( )

Complete the history.

Completes the history and determines the end time.

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