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samchon::templates::service::Service Class Reference

#include <Service.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Service (Client *client, const std::string &path)
virtual ~Service ()=default
auto getClient () const -> Client *
auto getPath () const -> std::string
virtual void sendData (std::shared_ptr< protocol::Invoke > invoke) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from samchon::protocol::IProtocol
virtual void replyData (std::shared_ptr< Invoke >)=0
virtual void sendData (std::shared_ptr< Invoke >)=0

Detailed Description

A service.

The Service is an abstract class who represents a service, that is providing functions a specific page.

Extends the Service class and defines its own service, which to be provided for the specific weg page, by overriding the replyData() method. Note that, the service, functions for the specific page should be defined in this Service class, not its parent Client class who represents a remote client and takes communication responsibility.

Class Diagram

Templates - Cloud Service

Jeongho Nam

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

samchon::templates::service::Service::Service ( Client client,
const std::string &  path 

Construct from parent Client and requested path.

clientDriver of remote client.
pathRequested path that identifies this Service.

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References ~Service().

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virtual samchon::templates::service::Service::~Service ( )

Default Destructor.

The Service object is destructed when its parent Client object has destructed or the Client object changed its child service object to another one.

Referenced by Service().

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Member Function Documentation

auto samchon::templates::service::Service::getClient ( ) const -> Client*

Get client.

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auto samchon::templates::service::Service::getPath ( ) const -> std::string

Get requested path.

Definition at line 86 of file Service.hpp.

virtual void samchon::templates::service::Service::sendData ( std::shared_ptr< protocol::Invoke invoke)

Send an Invoke message.

Sends an Invoke message to remote system through parent Client object (Client.sendData).

invokeAn Invoke message to send to the remte system.

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