Samchon Framework for CPP  1.0.0
samchon::protocol::EntityGroupBase Class Referenceabstract

An iternface for entity group. More...

#include <EntityGroupBase.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual auto CHILD_TAG () const -> std::string=0
 A tag name of children. More...

Detailed Description

An iternface for entity group.

IEntityGroup is an interface for a container of entity. It does not have any special role or function. The IEntityGorup is only for discriminate an entity is single instance or gorup of entity.

  • Group of entity is divided into StaticEntityArray and EntityGroup.
    • Even they are template classes so that cannot be discriminated globally.
  • dynamic_cast<IEntityGroup>(some entity instance)
    • If true then, it's not single entity instance, but group of entity.
    • False then, it's a single instance.
Jeongho Nam

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