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samchon::templates::parallel::MediatorServer Class Reference

#include <MediatorServer.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MediatorServer (external::base::ExternalSystemArrayBase *system_array, int port)
virtual void start () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from samchon::templates::parallel::MediatorSystem
 MediatorSystem (external::base::ExternalSystemArrayBase *systemArray)
virtual ~MediatorSystem ()=default
template<class SystemArray >
auto getSystemArray () const -> SystemArray *
- Public Member Functions inherited from samchon::protocol::IProtocol
virtual void replyData (std::shared_ptr< Invoke >)=0
virtual void sendData (std::shared_ptr< Invoke >)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from samchon::protocol::Server
 Server ()
virtual ~Server ()
virtual void open (int port)
virtual void close ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from samchon::protocol::Server
virtual void addClient (std::shared_ptr< ClientDriver >)=0

Detailed Description

A mediator server, driver for the master client.

The MediatorServer is a class opening a server accepting the master client, following the protocol of Samchon Framework's own.

[Inherited] MediatorSystem}

A mediator, the master driver.

The MediatorSystem is an abstract class helping ParallelSystemArrayMediator can be a slave system. The MediatorSystem interacts and communicates with the master system as a role of slave.

This MediatorSystem object is created in ParallelSystemArrayMediator.createMediator. Override the method and return one of them, which are derived from this MediatorSystem class, considering which type and protocol the master system follows:

When the master orders a parallel process to this slave, then the MediatorSystem delivers the parallel process to its parent ParallelSystemArrayMediator object. The ParallelSystemArrayMediator object distributes the parallel process to its slaves system, ParallelSystem objects. When the parallel process has completed, then MediatorSystem reports the result to its master.

Class Diagram

Templates - Parallel System, Distributed System

Jeongho Nam

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

samchon::templates::parallel::MediatorServer::MediatorServer ( external::base::ExternalSystemArrayBase *  system_array,
int  port 

Initializer Constructor.

systemArrayThe parent ParallelSystemArrayMediator object.
portPort number of server to open.

Definition at line 40 of file MediatorServer.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void samchon::templates::parallel::MediatorServer::start ( )

Start interaction.

The start() is an abstract method starting interaction with the master system. If the master is a server, then connects to the master. Otherwise, the master is client, then this MediatorSystem object wil open a server accepting the master.

Implements samchon::templates::parallel::MediatorSystem.

Definition at line 48 of file MediatorServer.hpp.

References samchon::protocol::Server::open().

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